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10 Things You Might Not Know About The Northern Lights

10 Things You Might Not Know About The Northern Lights

If you're planning to witness the mesmerizing display of the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, you may already know that it's a breathtaking natural phenomenon in the polar regions. If you are planning to see the Northern Lights, you may learn about our Northern lights short break package designed for you to witness some of the best moments of your life at affordable prices.

You should also know many fascinating facts about the Northern Lights. This article discusses the ten lesser-known facts about the Northern Lights.

What Are The Northern Lights?

The appearance of the Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis, is a natural phenomenon that occurs when electrically charged particles (coming from the Sun) collide with particles in the Earth's atmosphere. These collisions display lights in the sky that vary in color and intensity.

The Science Behind The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are caused by a massive collision between the Earth's magnetic field and particles from the Sun. When these charged particles enter the Earth's atmosphere, they collide with gasses like oxygen and nitrogen, creating the different colors we see in the sky.

The Colors Of The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights come in different colors, ranging from green to pink to purple. Green is the most common color and is caused by oxygen particles. Pink and purple lights are rarer and are caused by nitrogen particles.

The Northern Lights On Other Planets

The Northern Lights aren't unique to Earth. Other planets with magnetic fields, like Jupiter and Saturn, also have their version of the Northern Lights. However, they are called "auroras" on other planets.

The Sound Of The Northern Lights

In some rare cases, the Northern Lights may produce sounds, usually described as a crackling or hissing noise. These sounds are thought to be caused by the charged particles in the atmosphere colliding with each other and creating vibrations that travel through the air.

The Northern Lights And Mythology

Throughout history, the Northern Lights have been a source of fascination and inspiration for many cultures. For example, in Norse mythology, the Northern Lights were believed to be the reflections of the armor of the Valkyries, female warriors who took the bravest soldiers to the afterlife.

Solar Flares Influence The Northern Lights

Solar flares, which are sudden bursts of energy from the Sun, can also significantly impact the Northern Lights. When a solar flare occurs, it sends a burst of charged particles toward Earth, which can cause the Northern Lights to be more active and visible.

How Often Can You See The Northern Lights?

The frequency of the Northern Lights varies based on solar activity and location. For example, in places like Tromsø, Norway, the Northern Lights can be visible up to 250 nights per year. In contrast, it can be seen only 20 nights per year in other places like Fairbanks, Alaska. Due to these variations, it is usually advised to book your Northern lights short break package in advance.

The Shape Of The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights come in different shapes, including arcs, rays, curtains, and coronas. The shape is determined by the Earth's magnetic field, the type of charged particles, and the altitude of the collision.

The Future Of The Northern Lights

As the Sun goes through its regular 11-year cycle, the activity and intensity of the Northern Lights can vary. With increasing concerns about climate change and its impact on the Earth's magnetic field, it's uncertain how the Northern Lights may change. However, efforts are being made to study and better understand this natural phenomenon.

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