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How Do You Pick A Good Pool Table?

How Do You Pick A Good Pool Table?

If you have just started looking to buy a pool table near you, it is going to seem like there are hundreds of choices out there. You want to settle on a pool table that lasts a while and will make you want to play on it. Not to mention, purchasing a pool table is not cheap. There's so much to consider: the pool table size, features, and price. But don't worry, this article will help you sort through all those things so that you can pick out just the right pool table!

Size Matters: Will It Fit In The Room?

The first thing you should consider when buying a pool table is how much space you have. The dimensions of the room will determine whether or not you need an 8ft or 9ft table. An 8ft table will fit in a room of around 10 x 11ft (1.9m x 3.4m), whereas a 9ft table can fit into rooms up to 12 x 15ft (3.6m x 4.6m) in size. If your room is smaller than this, consider buying a bar-top version (also called pub tables) instead. That's because they are usually smaller than regular pool tables and can be placed against walls and other surfaces, which would otherwise be wasted space when playing on an ordinary-sized table.

Pay Attention To The Felt

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a pool table for sale is the felt on top of it. This is what gives the table its 'feel' and helps prevent balls from rolling off the sides of the table. The best pool tables will have high-quality felts installed on them by professionals. However, some cheaper models come with felts that aren't as good quality, which can cause issues over time and lead to more frequent maintenance needs. If you want your balls to roll smoothly across the felt, make sure that you choose one with high-quality felt material when buying your new pool table. You should also make sure that it has an even surface across all parts of its playing surface, so no part of it feels slippery or sticky.

Look For A Sturdy Base

The other thing you'll want to check out is how sturdy the legs are on your new purchase. A good rule of thumb here is if they look wobbly or unstable, they probably are! Make sure that all four legs are firmly planted on the ground or floor. A heavy and sturdy base will help prevent it from moving around while you play. If you buy an inexpensive model and there isn't much weight in it, your family might end up rearranging everything every time they want to play a game.

Look At Style

When shopping for a new pool table, you'll notice that there are different styles available on the market today. You can choose from traditional wood tables or modern ones made of metal or glass. Each style has its own unique look that appeals to certain buyers more than others. So, think about what type of design you like before making your purchase.

Check Out The Cloth

The felt on top of your new purchase should be made from woolen fabric that's tightly woven with high thread counts. Anything less than 120 threads per inch is too thin for good playability!

A new pool table is a significant investment that can bring you many hours of fun and enjoyment. Keeping the points mentioned above will help you find the pool table of your dreams and keep it within budget.

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