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How often can you see auroras in Yellowknife?

How often can you see auroras in Yellowknife?

Northern lights, also well-known as Aurora Borealis, are a natural, magnificent phenomenon that can light up the sky with unearthly, surreal colors. Unfortunately, they're also one of the hardest things to see because they only appear in parts of the world with little light pollution and are far from cities. Yellowknife, a small city in Canada's Northwest Territories, is one of the best places to watch a spectacular light show of incredible colors that dance across the night sky.

However, there're no guarantees at any particular time when you will be able to see the northern lights. Due to the unpredictability of weather, it can be too cloudy to see at times. However, if you are staying in Yellowknife for a few days, there is a good chance that you will get lucky and witness your own Northern Lights show! This post will help you plan your aurora tour in Yellowknife and learn more about when and how to watch the aurora borealis.

What Are Aurora Borealis or Northern lights?

The northern light is a natural, uncultivated light show that occurs at high latitudes during the night when a stream of charged particles emitted from the sun enters the Earth's atmosphere. These electrical particles collide with gaseous particles such as oxygen and nitrogen in the Earth's atmosphere, creating an array of amazing and spectacular light shows. The result is a spectacular light show of predominantly green, but often red, white, and purple lights that dance across the sky in different shapes and sizes.

Why Watch Northern Lights in Yellowknife

Yellowknife, the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories, has earned its reputation as one of Canada's best places to view the Northern Lights. There is no better location to see the aurora borealis than Yellowknife, Canada. The city sits right beneath the 'Aurora Oval,' where geomagnetic activity peaks and frequent auroral sightings occur more than anywhere else on Earth. Here are some other reasons why visit Yellowknife to see auroras:

  • Yellowknife is located far north (62 degrees north latitude) and above 60 degrees latitude, which means aurora viewing conditions are optimal.
  • The city averages 243 aurora nights a year, so come by and get your fill of this otherworldly phenomenon!
  • The town itself is small and doesn't have much light pollution, making it easy to spot the aurora from wherever you are in town.
  • Several local companies offer tours and photography trips out of town on clear nights when there is a great possibility of seeing the lights.
  • Yellowknife also has more flights throughout Canada than most northern destinations, making it easier to reach there.

Best Time to Watch Northern Lights in Yellowknife

There is no bad time to see the northern lights in Yellowknife because they are visible throughout the year. However, due to weather conditions, they are often clouded over and not visible during certain times of the year. While the lights can appear on clear nights year-round, the colder winter temperatures allow for more snow and ice on the lakes that reflect the lights better. If you want to increase your chances of seeing them, you should visit Yellowknife during their peak season between September and mid-April. These are technically considered winter months in Canada's North and are typically when you find clear skies and reduced light pollution.

Do It Yourself Aurora Borealis Viewing vs. Yellowknife Aurora Tour

It is a dream for many to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the northern lights. The Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon that needs to be seen in person. Photos just don't do it justice. But when you visit Yellowknife, you have two choices: Do it yourself or take a tour.

Do it Yourself 

If you're an experienced traveler and love the idea of exploring new terrain all by yourself, then doing it on your own may be the way to go. It's cheaper than booking a tour and gives you more freedom over what you do and how long you stay out at night looking for the lights. Here are some tips to help you get started:

If you're planning a trip to Yellowknife, check weather reports before you go. The best views come when there isn't any cloud cover or snow on the ground interfering with your view of the sky.

Aurora Borealis viewing takes place in cold weather, where temperatures can dip below zero during the winter. So, be prepared with sturdy boots and warm clothes. The right clothes will help you enjoy your night under the stars while keeping you safe if an emergency occurs.

For aurora viewing, it's optimal to go during months when it's dark from about 9 p.m. until 6 a.m., such as September or October.

Set realistic expectations and be patient! You may have to wait for a few hours before the lights finally make an appearance. However, the Northern Lights are fickle creatures, so don't be disappointed if you can't see them.

Book a Yellowknife Aurora Tour

Booking an aurora tour package in Yellowknife is another way to experience wilderness adventures, enjoy the snowfall, and watch the sky dance with color over this frozen land. Here're some advantages of taking a Yellowknife aurora tour:

Tailored packages

When you book for one of the Yellowknife Aurora Tour Packages, you will be able to customize your entire vacation as much as possible.

Easy booking process

Another benefit of booking the Yellowknife Aurora Tour Packages is that it makes the entire process much easier and less time-consuming than doing everything yourself.


The hotel rates, transportation, food, and even the activities included in the tour are cheaper than what one would have to pay if they booked them separately.

No hassle involved

The hotels in Yellowknife are fully booked during this time of the year. It is better to book an entire package to ensure that you get good rooms at affordable prices. There are many activities included in the tour package, such as dog-sledding, ice fishing, etc., that would be very expensive if one were to book them separately.

Planning to take a trip to Yellowknife and enjoy the view of the aurora borealis in all its glory? We offer customized, affordable Yellowknife northern lights tour packages, so you can see this beautiful phenomenon live up close and personal! To get an exclusive deal, call 867-873-4600.

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