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Why Is Aurora Not Visible On The Equator?

Why Is Aurora Not Visible On The Equator?

The Northern Lights result from solar flares that cause electrons to collide with air molecules in the atmosphere. The result is a beautiful show of lights that can be seen in the northern hemisphere.

The Most Common Colors Aurora Produce

While the color depends on the type of atom being excited, green (wavelength 550 nm) and red (650.0 nm) are the most common. The pie-shaped wedge of light that extends outwards from each pole is called a corona; at its edge, it appears as a bright ring around the night-time Sun.

Auroras Are Not Visible On The Equator; Why?

Generally, they are not visible at the equator due to Earth's magnetic field, which acts as a shield toward the aurora. As already explained, auroras are caused by solar wind colliding with the Earth's magnetic field and ionosphere. The solar wind is a stream of charged particles coming from the Sun, which is always located in one direction in space — away from the Sun — and flows at a steady rate. 

Auroras are not visible on the equator because there is no magnetic field to generate them. The magnetic field around the Earth is generated by its molten iron core, which rotates with it. At the equator, this rotation is zero; hence, there is no magnetic field.

Is There A Perfect Plan To Spot And Watch Auroras?

Aurora viewing is a bit of a crapshoot. You can do everything right but still miss out. So here are some tips on the best time to see auroras and how to prepare for your trip.

Know The Right Time

Timing is everything! The best time of year to see the Northern Lights is in late winter or early spring when they are most active.

Go On A Guided Tour

If you're traveling to see the Northern Lights, booking your northern lights guided tours with an experienced company is best. That's because they will know the best locations and times to spot these phenomena. In addition, most tour and travel companies offer exclusive discounts and deals on northern lights holiday packages, which will save you money. 

Go On Your First Night

When it comes time for your trip, don't waste any time getting out into nature — take advantage of every minute of darkness! The first night is always better than subsequent nights because it takes longer for your eyesight to adjust from indoor light levels (up to 30 times brighter than outside) to the dark outdoors. So if you're heading out this weekend, try going tonight instead of tomorrow night if possible!

Watch The Forecast

The Aurora Borealis is unpredictable, so check forecasts before you travel. If there's no forecast for activity at night, try coming back during another season or on another night when conditions are better.

Bring Warm Clothing And Food – Just In Case!

You should prepare for any weather conditions while you're out watching for the lights. Also, consider bringing binoculars or a camera with an extended exposure setting (ISO 3200 or higher) for capturing photos of these magical moments under the stars!

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