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Albuquerque’s Commercial Electrical Service Experts Review Safety Concerns to Watch for

Albuquerque’s Commercial Electrical Service Experts Review Safety Concerns to Watch for

Owners of newly built commercial properties have little to worry about regarding electrical issues. The newest codes and safety measures ensure the building’s safety and compliance.

With older commercial buildings, aging electrical wiring can lead to fires. Other electrical issues may exist that can cause serious injuries:

•    Overloaded circuits

•    Damaged fuses

•    Unbalanced electrical loads

•    Blemished lighting

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Signs Indicating Electrical Safety Concerns


There should never be visible sparks when plugging something into an outlet.

A short-circuiting may be taking place, indicating that the device is faulty. It could also signify that the outlet’s live wires are touching a ground wire. Faulty wiring also causes sparks.

These sparks can burn peoples’ skin and may lead to an electrical fire. It’s essential to have this issue dealt with right away.

Frequently Blowing Fuses

Fuses blow when there’s a surge in electrical demand. This may be caused by using several devices at once or having too many devices plugged into one outlet.

If fuses are constantly blowing or the circuit breakers are constantly tripping, this may be a sign of corrupted panels.

The safest way to handle this situation is to replace the fuse panel or circuit breaker.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights or lights turning on and off can stem from various issues:

•    Defective bulbs

•    Damaged light fixtures

•    Unstable electricity supply or distribution

•    High-voltage appliances running

Replacing bulbs and introducing a stable power supply can help fix these issues.

Humming/Buzzing Sounds

It may be challenging to identify where these sounds are coming from. Installed appliances, bad wiring, or an improperly installed ground wire could be to blame.

Certified commercial electricians can identify the sources of these sounds and provide a means to eradicate them.

Smoking or Burning Smell

Contact a commercial electrician immediately if you smell something burning or see smoke. The wiring within the walls may be damaged and burning.

Number One Plumbing, A/C, Solar, & Electric specializes in emergency commercial electrical problems here in Albuquerque. Call them if you see smoke or smell something burning in your building.

Shocks and Tingling Upon Contact

When touching a device or outlet, a shock or tingling sensation may signal electrical damage. Tingling indicates an electrical leak.

Being shocked by a device or outlet can cause people to fall, lose consciousness, or experience a medical emergency. These issues must be dealt with right away.

Warm Outlets

Outlets are insulated; if an outlet feels warm to the touch, it may be overloaded. Too many devices could be plugged into it, or the voltages of the appliances are too high for its supply.

To avoid electrical fires and other hazards, it’s important to have commercial electricians inspect older buildings for outdated or damaged wiring and fixtures.

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