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Find the best wine cellar cooling unit just here

The art of turning a wine collection into a vintage collection happens in a wine cellar, and come up with all the needed accessories to aid you in the art-making process. 

Many of our clients are confused and worried about the best cooling unit, but they need not worry; we have the perfect solution for you, and it is a breezaire wkl 6000 cooling unit, and here we are going to look into its features.

 is the best cooling unit if your wine cellar is spread over an area of 1500cuft. This comes in two different variants.

Standard Breezaire wkl 6000

Black stainless steel Breezaire wkl 6000

Is a breezaire wkl 6000 cooling unit necessary?

In order to regulate the temperature of your wine cellar and provide the ideal conditions for wine aging, wine cellars need to have adequate ventilation and cooling unit, which could be taken care of by employing breezaire wkl 6000.

Features of Breezaire wkl 6000:

  • This is a large cooling system that displays easy-to-read temperature notation and has a cool green display. 

  • Continuous cabinet temperature display and accurate, simple-to-adjust temperature set points. 

  • Protects the wine cellar from power fluctuations and outages. 

  • Uses enclosure (cellar) air sensors to regulate temperature or an optional bottle probe. 

  • it weighs 100lb with a dimension of 16.25W*22.99H*22.25D delivered straight from the factory. 

Based on the client’s need, the power cord, warm air discharge, and drain are customized, which can be made available based on the need and necessity of the clients and comes with a cost.

This advanced cooling system is the go-to option for normal applications ranging from under 100 to 2000 cubic feet. This series wine cellar cooling system is self-reliant and comes with a Sentry III control system.

How to install Breezaire wkl 6000?

Installing needs expert guidance; though we have the manual that gives step-by-step procedure, proper installation can be done only under expert supervision.

Its marked-up cost is $3261, and any other customized options for drain and power cords are extra charged, which adds up to the total cost of the cooling system. 

How many models are available?

Three models are available at three different rates. 

  • Breezaire WKSL2200 Split Wine Cellar Cooling system

Available for 265cuft and priced at $2890

  • Breezaire WKL8000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 

Available for 2000cuft and priced a little higher at $3486

  • Breezaire WKL4000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit 

Available for cellars up to 1000cuft for $2762


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